Provides a wide range of services including an outsourced compliance function (called the retainer service) where we act as your compliance department, interim compliance and MLRO resource, project work and business consultancy revolving around the compliance function.

Our flexible and commercial approach with our services ensures exemplary solutions to companies of all sizes and demonstrates that to MPAC, every client is important.

Examples of Services:

Retainer Services

This can be tailored to your needs, either in support of your existing staff of completely outsourced.


Projects are varied in nature and can include any specific compliance related issue, to client money/asset reviews, section 166 reviews, one off healthchecks, due diligence analysis in respect of an acquisition or sale, variation of permissions, changes of control, asset allocation, ARROW visit preparation, significant influence interview preparation, stress testing, ICAAPs, Liquidity analysis (Ilas/Non ILAS) etc.


New lines of business start-up processes, new activities, restructuring of an existing compliance function.

In the cases where the Client is the subject of a formal FCA compliance visit, MPAC can provide on the spot mentoring and clear advie over the issues which need to be reviewed in detail and which processes appear to be weak, which the FCA would have concerns over.

Whether it be a s166 report visit, or an ARROW visit MPAC can provide the experienced staff to assist management who can quickly drill down to the key issues and how to handle the visit, even down to coaching for interviews.

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