Our team of executives, along with our various partners, have developed an effective and proven framework of due diligence services which includes:

  • Information verification for both corporate entities and individuals with on the ground analysis or review.
  • In depth checks on individuals for initial employment or appointment purpose through qualification, reference and regulatory acceptability checks. (CRB checks can be facilitated if required).

These specialised services offer indepth analysis:

  • On banks, building societies, credit institutions and qualifying Money Market funds with which clients may place or wish to place their own clients’ money or assets.;
  • On individuals and business concerns as part of the pre-onboarding client due diligence process for employment or contractual purposes.
  • On post-onboarding, analysis of the ability of clients’ debtors to fulfil their contractual obligations in a timely way.
  • On regulated firms’ compliance and regulatory risk as part of a corporate finance due diligence process.
  • On the individual partners/directors of business concerns as part of a corporate finance due diligence process

All reviews are undertaken at the specific request of the client, and a report (or reports) will be delivered to the governing body of the firm. Some reviews may require involvement with the object or target of the due diligence service. The charging basis for these services will be either fixed cost or hourly. The services will either be delivered by us, our sister company, Ark Risk Advisory Ltd or our affiliated company, Milestone Europe Ltd.

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